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Vintage Fall Weekend

Jason Samenow @ 9:36 AM

Classic fall conditions embrace the area this weekend with beautiful sunshine both days and clear, crisp conditions at night...


Forecast Confidence: HighMostly sunny, a bit breezy. A weak cold front will pass through the area this afternoon. Despite that, skies will be mostly sunny this morning - with the possibility of few fair weather cumulus dotting the sky by late this afternoon. The frontal passage will generate a west to northwesterly breeze around 10-20 mph. Tonight, temperatures will once again be chilly with scattered frost in the suburbs. Lows should range from 38 downtown, to the low 30s in the cooler suburbs.

Pictured: A cool, sunny day in Middleburg, Virginia yesterday. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.


Forecast Confidence: HighAbundant sunshine. High pressure will build in from the west promoting a continuation of mostly sunny skies, with just a light breeze. High temperatures should range from 60-65.

How Low Did It Go?

Dulles and BWI both dropped down to freezing this morning and National Airport fell to 38 degrees.

Chasing Tornadoes Is All I Have (The Onion - Satire)

A writer for the Onion laments the end of tornado chasing season:
But now that the tornado season is over for another year, I'm left feeling... nothing. An empty shell. Just a hollow emotional blank space where the deadliest localized weather systems on Earth used to be.

Sometimes, it feels like the reassuring sound of prefab Midwestern housing developments being ripped from their foundations and hurtled half a mile through the air will never come again.

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