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When Euphemisms Can't Mask Miserable...

A. Camden Walker @ 5:23 AM

We're talking serious wind-driven rain today. Lots of it; Perhaps 2 inches. With a chill in the air-- afternoon high temperatures no higher than 55°. Happy. Friday.


Forecast Confidence: HighMiserable Mess. You need all the serious rain gear today. Slicker, umbrella, boots, eye glasses in the case...and so on. Temperatures will stay in the lower 50s for most of the day, during this wind-accompanied 1.5"(downtown) of rain. Amounts over 2" will be experienced further south and east of The District, over central Virginia and lower Maryland. Northeasterly flow will keep moist air from the Bay and ocean funneling in throughout today & the weekend. If you have any spare personal days from work, why not stay home and watch a movie? Sure, I suppose it could be a lot colder during a heavy rain event--but you can't tell me this is a soothing, pleasant rain!

Remember When

The sun rising over the Chesapeake Bay yesterday near Baltimore. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Tonight the wind will continue along with light rain and overcast skies. By dawn, low temperatures inside the Beltway will stay just above 50, with fairly uniform readings in the 48-50 range outside of the Beltway.


A Tad Better. It will be slightly milder, in the upper 50s, and the breeze may abate slightly by the evening hours. Slightly. There's roughly a 50% chance of rain during the entire day, but it won't be the Friday-type washout. However, it will be worth toting the rain jacket along to avoid showers every couple of hours, plus drizzle is a distinct, annoying, possibility.


Light at the End of the Tunnel? The northeasterly fetch that's kept us socked-in the entire weekend may finally cease by Sunday afternoon. However, confidence isn't the highest regarding when exactly this may happen. Here's what I can tell you, temperatures will moderate further during the afternoon hours on Sunday. A high of 65 to 68 is not out of the question. Rain will be a small threat (drizzle in the morning is possible) but overcast skies will persist until we can get this pesky low pressure system out of our area.

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