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Wild Windy Weekend

Jason Samenow @ 6:00 AM

*Wind Advisory in Effect*

As that potent fall storm that rained on us overnight wraps up over Ontario, powerful and potentially damaging winds will storm into the region today...


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighGradual clearing, becoming very windy. After lingering morning rain and overcast early, skies will brighten by this afternoon, but the winds will howl. By late afternoon, expect westerly winds from 20-40mph with higher gusts up to 50 mph or so. Some power outages are possible as the saturated ground could make trees prey for the ferocious winds. After late morning high temperatures near 60, expect steady or slowly falling temperatures during the afternoon.

Overnight, it will remain very windy and will turn cold. Expect low temperatures near 40, but it will feel closer to 30 given west to northwesterly winds at 20-30mph (with stronger gusts possible).


Forecast Confidence: HighSunny and windy. Strong northwesterly flow will persist with winds 15-30mph and higher gusts. Given abundant sunshine, temperatures will warm to near 60 -- but it will feel cooler than that -- particulary in the shade.

Marine Corps Marathon
runners will experience temperatures rising through the 40s under clear skies but with a stiff westerly wind from 20-25mph.

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