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District of Antarctica, but with Sun

A. Camden Walker @ 5:40 AM

Clear, dry, cold. With emphasis on the cold. Can you believe we may stay below 50 today? The breeze today will certainly keep a 49 or 50 degree high feeling solidly in the 40s. Break out the winter coat and wool socks!


Forecast Confidence: HighChilly, Clear Sailing. Even early this morning there is a decided breeze still percolating behind the cold front that passed through yesterday. And it will only remain. Expect a windchill from the 10-15 mph breeze this afternoon. We should see an afternoon high in the upper 40s to near 50. Fredericksburg could hit 54, if typical warmer trends hold to the south of the metro area. Skies will be sunny and cobalt blue, but this will be the driest, coldest airmass yet that we've had to handle.

Autumn in Rock Creek Park

Captured near 23rd&P, NW, by photographer Ian Livingston.

Tonight, downtown will likely see its first freeze and the official end to its growing season. Even with a whispering wind still present, National should see its first 32° low. If the wind dies down completely, combining with the low dewpoints in the area, 30 degrees is a possibility. Outside the Beltway, upper 20s are certainly a likelihood.


Still Chilly, Less Wind. It will be dry again--no chance of rain this weekend. 50 or 51 degrees for our afternoon high will still be a struggle. And there may be a few more clouds than Friday. However, the good news is that the breeze will abate, for the most part.


Moderating Mildness. Slightly warmer high temperatures, despite the presence of a few more clouds. Starting from a morning low around the 33 or 34 degree mark, the District will likely enjoy a high near 55; upper 50s are likely to our south. The pesky breeze will finally die down to simple spats under 5mph. Enjoy the less-cool day!

Sunny Marathon Mania in Rosslyn

Camden captured clear skies for last Sunday's Marine Corps Marathon; Expect the same this weekend, just slightly cooler...

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