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Dryness voted Weekend Majority Leader

A. Camden Walker @ 6:18 AM

Enjoy drying out and discarding the rain gear. Today's afternoon temperature will still slip above 60-- behind yesterday's torrential, energetic storm system.


Forecast Confidence: HighMild & Clearing. Skies will be fair, along with a steady breeze shifting around to the northwest behind a secondary cold front currently to our west. National Airport may see enough sun to boost it up to 63 prior to the next spoke of cold air to reinforce last night's occluded frontal passage.

Tonight, temperatures inside the Beltway will hover just above 40, while mid-30s aren't out of the question in the cooler spots such as Lorton or Rockville. Skies will reveal many stars but the breeze and lower dewpoints (drier air) will make it a chilly night to stargaze.


Partly Cloudy. There will not be any precipitation but just enough atmospheric instability (cold air aloft) will move over the District to produce numerous clouds throughout the day. Temperatures will be cooler, into the lower-to-middle 50s, if we are lucky. My rule of thumb would be to dress for a partly cloudy winter-type day since breeze+clouds+51° = feels like December.


Clouds still Prevalent. Not to be depressing, but we'll still be contending with (even more) cloudiness on Sunday. Rain chances are below 20% at this time, so don't worry too much about your outdoor plans. Temperatures will continue to be chilly from around 40 at dawn to 50 in the afternoon. I promise there'll be some breaks in the clouds; just be sure to bundle up between the galleries if walking around The Mall on Sunday.

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