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Warm Air Regime Not Resigning, Just Yet

A. Camden Walker @ 5:40 AM

Warm, sunny, and pleasant humidity levels will be the rule. Later in the weekend, we'll have to revisit the coat closet & umbrella stand...
but why worry about that until Sunday!


Forecast Confidence: HighWarm & Clear Sailing. Your commute temperature of middle 50s will launch into the lower 70s late this afternoon. Enjoy the pleasantly moist air and abundant sunshine. There's no chance of rain and the wind shouldn't chill you much until after the sun sets.

Peak Colors in Rock Creek Park

Captured in Mt. Pleasant, by photographer Ian Livingston.

Tonight, expect a few clouds. This will also keep up the temperature into the lower 50s in most locations. However, it will stay dry and, overall, very pleasant.


Another Warm Day. Maybe we should term this "Indian Summer" since low-to-mid 70s are easily expected throughout the region? The clouds overtake the sun for dominance of the sky, but there's little chance of rain. It will be a tad more humid and slightly windy, ahead of the cold front on-approach from the west. Late evening activities maybe should have an umbrella on-hand, nearing midnight.


Chilly AM Showers. The 40s will greet you early risers along with substantially cooler air. There's a chance of a few hours of steady, moderate rain but I don't think it will be last past 9am. Temperatures during the sunny afternoon will top out around the 54 degree mark. Stay tuned to Jason Samenow this weekend, in the case that this cold front wrings out more rain than currently expected!

Pristine Georgetown University

Last weekend Camden walked the Key Bridge and had to snap this great view

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