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Below Normal Temps to Continue

Matt Ross @ 1:00 AM

We will continue to see below to well below normal temperatures this week. The weekend will see a return to above normal temps for at least 3-4 days.


Forecast Confidence: HighSunny, Cold. Today will be sunny and breezy with temperatures similar to mid winter averages, about 10 degrees below normal. Afternoon highs will only reach the low 40s after a very cold morning start in the 20s.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Forecast Confidence: HighSunny, Warmer. Tonight will be cold, but not quite as cold as last night. Low temps will range from the low to high 20s depending on your proximity to the city. Wednesday will be a typical DC early December day. It will be sunny with afternoon highs around 50 degrees. See Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and weekend.

Image courtesy of Accuweather

Missouri Snowstorm

Missouri is a place that is often noted for its extreme weather variance. It usually gets brutally hot in the summer, and occasionally very, very cold in the winter. Its record high is 115 degrees and record low is -22. This spread is 16 degrees larger than ours in DC(106, -15) even though our averages are quite similar. But while they experience a great variety of weather, large snowfalls are somewhat rare as they typically get a lot of small events to reach their seasonal total(average in St Louis is about 20"). Depending on where you were in the state last Thursday and Friday, you received anything from just rain and ice to near 20" of snow in some locales north and west of St Louis. So while their climatic averages on paper are quite similar to DC, the devil is in the details. Being near both a major ocean and mountain chain gives us a much better chance for a big snowstorm(though still small), but keeps our weather less varied in terms of extremes .

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