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Dismal December Rain Moving In

A. Camden Walker @ 9:05 AM

A lil' bit of Autumn & a lil' bit of winter. There'll definitely be some moderate rain this late afternoon and eveningtime.


Forecast Confidence: HighCool & Rainy. We'll remain in the upper 40s today, perhaps touching 50 briefly, under overcast skies. The rain won't really get going until midday. Then, with your raingear brought to work during your morning commute, you'll head out into the evening rush hour with your slicker, umbrella, and shoes-that-can-get-wet to brave the moderate rain & rawness. Go see that movie tonight; just be sure to stay indoors! ugh.


Pigeons roost at Logan Circle National Park (13th&P, NW) while the roosting is good yesterday morning [A. Camden Walker]

Tonight, rain is a near certainty. And it won't be all that spotty. Avoid the sopping mess to last through midnight, if you can! Expect low temperatures in most places to hover just below 50 degrees.


Warming & Drying. After a dismal, damp dawntime, we'll clear off around noon and jump up to 60 degrees. After all the overnight rain, I bet you'll be able to cope with a warming, southerly breeze, yes??


December Dreariness? There is a possibility that the clouds will attempt to hide the sunshine, but at least without rain. Morning lows of 41 degrees downtown (36 outside of the Beltway) will head up to 54 degrees. Get the lotion back out, because even with a cool, dreary day that appears to threaten rain, your skin will be getting might dry again as low pressure moves out. December will reassert itself! But, at least you probably won't need a scarf.

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