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Frikkin Cold, Blustery, Exiting Flurries

A. Camden Walker @ 3:25 PM

Tonight: temperatures expected to dip to 20°F or lower. Please be watchful for those whom might need a hypothermia shelter 800.535.7252.

COLD COLD COLD windy COLD COLD flurry COLD COLD windy! Windchills will be mighty low. You have GOT to bundle up.


Forecast Confidence: HighStingingly Crisp. Downtown got to 21, National Airport 24, and our only consolation prize this afternoon: mid 30s. The snow flurries have exited, with only clear skies ahead. The wind will be more or less relentless. Dewpoints will be low, so your skin will get windburn if you are not using a scarf. Where are my goggles?

Mount Pleasant: Turning Tundra

Last night, central and uptown DC received a brief snow shower as the arctic front moved through around 7:00pm. [Ian Livingston]

Tonight, downtown will bottom out again near 20. Easily expect 15° outside of the Beltway. Winds will briefly calm near dawn, allowing temperatures to quickly drop after 4am.


Rebound Begins. Clear skies will prevail, allowing a potential twenty-five degree-span recovery from the chilly morning--into the lower 40s for high temperatures. The breeze will still be whipping around this very dry, (moderating) arctic air--be sure to take care of your skin.


Mild Bounce Back. Temperatures will hover "only" around 30 degrees on Sunday morning, readying our swing back into Autumn mildness. Expect a high of at least 50; with the potential to cash-in on sunshine, reduced breeze, and perhaps the 55 degree mark!

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