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A Quick Respite then Back To December Warmth

A. Camden Walker @ 10:28 AM

National stayed above 40 degrees for the low this morning, despite our slightly reinforced shot of cold air. Expect 55 degrees later this afternoon in all the sunny spots; clouds should begin clearing south of the city soon.


Forecast Confidence: HighClear & Cooler. Our dewpoints are lower than yesterday, and our breeze is out of the northwest; both elements of our drier, polar airmass currently in place. Dress in layers on these types of days. 55 degrees will quickly give way to 40s, after sunset. And if you aren't in the warmth of the sun, certainly the breeze can cool you off.

Clearing Skies above Pennsylvania Avenue

The Old Post Office Pavilion Building at 10th&Penn, NW, showing mostly clear skies above - & condenser steam [A. Camden Walker]

Tonight, we have a shift in the wind direction. Southerly flow will reestablish itself, ushering in more mild air from near the Gulf of Mexico. Skies will continue to be clear!

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