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Volatile Weather: Warm to Gusty Rain to Wind/Cold
Wind Advisory and Severe T'Storm Watch in Effect

A. Camden Walker @ 2:17 PM

*Wind Advisory in Effect until 1am Saturday, Severe Thunderstorm Watch in Effect until 6pm tonight, Record High of 74 reached at Reagan National*

We won't exactly be easing into the month of December. A dynamic and possibly turbulent day is ahead. The early-day warmth will be enjoyable, but will likely be overshadowed by HIGH WIND and the possibility of severe storms. Rain should be on its way out by the evening rush, giving way to a blustery downturn in temperature for your commute home. The drop in temperature makes today a good day to dress in layers.


Forecast Confidence: HighWarm start, Windy and stormy middle, Cold finish. Enjoy the warm (muggy) morning temperatures above 60. Ahead of the very windy cold front, we will break into the lower 70s, perhaps reaching record warmth. There's a 30% chance that mid-afternoon storms could strengthen to severe levels -- especially northwest of the Washington-Baltimore corridor in places like Frederick and Gettysburg. Be sure to secure all free-standing outdoor items, and be aware that a wind-driven downpour or two could render umbrellas useless. As the precipitation departs during the late afternoon and early evening, southerly winds will shift to westerly and eventually northwesterly, sending temperatures downward.

AccuWeather's depiction of today's active weather.

Tonight, the skies will begin to break after sunset and a few stars may peek through as temperatures fall through the 40s. The wind will moderate some by dawn, however windchills will stay in the 30s after midnight. Low temperatures near 39 downtown to 35 in the suburbs (with such a turbulent and mixed atmosphere overnight, temperatures in the region will be more uniform than usual).


Cooler, Sunny & Breezy. The windchills won't be horrible, but the cold will be noticeable. High temperatures in the region will barely get above 50. At least you will see blue sky, and the air will be much drier. A crisp December day that will be right at our average -- it will simply feel improper because of our marked change.


Increasing Clouds. Early-morning lows of 30°to 40°(suburbs-city) will rise to a high near 50° under increasingly cloudy afternoon skies. Finally, the breeze will be light and tolerable. With the dry air pervasive this weekend, you'll notice the need the chapstick by Sunday, despite the slackened wind.

Murky Afternoon at the Reflecting Pool

Photo by reader Riley La

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow: Monday, December 4th
Probability: 10%
Potential Impact:

Commentary: A storm is likely to develop off the Mid Atlantic coast. Most guidance suggests the associated precipitation will stay safely to our east, although there has been a bit of a shift westward in the overall track and at least one model throws some measurable precip back into our neck of the woods. We are not bullish about accumulating snow, but believe there remains about a 1/10 chance something could materialize. Later next week, there is another slim chance wintry weather could develop, although guidance has been inconsistent. More on that possibility tomorrow.

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