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The week ahead: Mostly cool, totally dry

Jason Samenow @ 8:15 AM

The first full week of December will give us a brief stint of winter-like conditions, with below average high temperatures mostly in the 40s. However, the cold pattern won't impress with 50s returning by the weekend and no wintry precipitation (or precipitation of any type) to boot. Details follow.


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighBlustery. As low pressure spins up offshore and heads northeast, it will leave breezy and cold conditions in its wake. Expect partly to mostly sunny skies, with highs in the low 40s and northwest winds from 10 to 20mph. Overnight, anticipate clear skies and chilly lows ranging from 18-26 (suburbs-city).

The Upcoming Week at a Glance

Coolest Day: Friday, 41.
Warmest Days: Sunday, 55.
Dry Days: All week
Precipitation Chances: None.
The Week's Wild Cards: Will the cold front squeeze out even a sprinkle or snow flurry Wednesday night? How cold will it be Thursday and Friday? How much will temperatures recover over the weekend?
Climatological Average High/Low: 51-48/35-33

Pictured: A soccer player poses during Sunday morning's sunrise near Virginia Beach, VA. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.


Forecast Confidence: HighMostly sunny, cool. Cool high pressure will produce mostly sunny skies, and seasonably cool high temperatures in the mid 40s. Overnight we'll have clear skies, with lows 20-27 (suburbs-city).


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighPartly sunny, not as cold. As high pressure moves offshore and a cold front approaches, southerly winds will help boost temperatures into the low 50s. Overnight, clouds will increase a bit as the front moves through, but precipitation is unlikely. Low temperatures should range from 27-32 (suburbs-city)

Pictured: photographer Kevin Ambrose captured the top of a thunderstorm associated with the departing cold front at Virginia Beach. The storm is over the horizon, but the top is still visible, casting a shadow on cirrus clouds. The photo was taken just before sunrise.


Forecast Confidence:Medium-HighQuite brisk. In the wake of the cold front, windy and cold conditions are likely. Expect highs in the low to mid 40s under partly sunny skies. Overnight, the winds should diminish a bit, with cold lows ranging from 19-26 (suburbs-city).


Forecast Confidence: HighMostly sunny, cold. The center of an area cold high pressure will approach from the west. Expect just a few clouds with highs only in the low 40s. Overnight, clear skies and light winds will allow temperatures to drop to the mid to high teens in the suburbs, and low 20s downtown.

The weekend

Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighModerating temperatures. High pressure will be centered over the area Saturday, but the airmass will have modified. Expect mostly sunny skies, with highs near 50. Saturday night will likely be chilly, with lows 19-26 (suburbs-city). On Sunday, as the high moves offshore and winds turn southerly, temperatures will likely rise to above average levels -- in the low to mid 50s under partly to mostly sunny skies.

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