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Dismal in the District; Summer Seems so Distant...

A. Camden Walker @ 3:35 PM

The good news, despite the overcast skies, is temperatures reaching near 50° this afternoon. The easterly component to the winds brings a chance of light rain or sprinkles, but you shouldn't need the heavy rain gear!


Forecast Confidence: HighMild & Overcast. Light but sensible winds from the average direction of southeast today will keep us cloudy. Morning lows around 40 will head toward 50 today. Light rain or sprinkles are possible, though toting around an umbrella is a judgement call.


A must-see stop: Global Atmospheric Observation Center - Cape Point, South Africa. 23°C last week was concurrent with DC's similar temperatures. [A. Camden Walker]

Tonight, a short period of light rain may fall before dawn. Skies will surely remain overcast and low temperatures through the region will stay uniformly in the mid-40s. Even if the 30% chance of rain does materialize, it will be light.


No kidding about Dismal. We have a chance at hitting 60. But skies will remain overcast during this weekend's ever-increasing chances of rain. The afternoon hours stand a 45% chance at showers. Check radar before heading out, if you can--some could be briefly heavy in intensity. It won't be an ideal weekend afternoon to kick the ball around down on The Mall. Your plans for Saturday evening on-the-town should remain dry. Check back for updates on the showers' time-frame throughout this weekend, just to be sure!


Here comes the rain. Needless to say, minus one or two breaks in the clouds, we're looking at more overcast skies. One rogue round of showers moves through DC just before dawn today. Temperatures will still make it into the middle 50s. Then, more steady rain will develop by midday. We're looking at a soaker for the afternoon hours. So, I would suggest finishing off those last outdoor activities around The District by Sunday morning, if you weren't able to venture outside on Saturday. Light winds will slowly shift toward the northeast throughout the day--our favored wind direction for murky, damp conditions.

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