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Sunday's Snow Mostly Memory

Steve Scolnik @ 5:15 PM


Sunny, seasonable. Temperatures have been very near seasonable averages in the Washington metro area under partly cloudy skies this afternoon after some scattered light flurries this morning. Conditions will remain similar through tomorrow as the next cold shot prepares to arrive for the end of the week.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Partly cloudy, seasonably cold. Skies will be partly cloudy through tomorrow with lows tonight in the upper 20s downtown to the low 20s in the 'burbosphere. There is a slight chance of scattered flurries through tomorrow morning. Highs tomorrow: around 40°.

For the outlook through the rest of the week, scroll on down to Jason's post below.

Sunday's Snow

Sunday's snow event was forecast very well by, based on reports submitted by commenters. For a map of submitted reports, see here. Official reports were: National 1.2", Dulles 1.6", BWI 0.9". Pictures of the event uploaded by site visitors are available at Flickr. Thank you, submitters!

One Degree of Separation

With the release in 10 days of the long-awaited IPCC climate report, leaks have already begun on its contents. An AP report, headlined "Report has 'smoking gun' on climate", has been widely published today, including in the silicon-based WaPo. The NYT also had a piece, "New Warnings on Climate Change" by environmental reporter Andrew Revkin on Saturday. The radical contrarians should be delighted to hear that the draft report says it is only somewhat more than "90 percent likely that global warming since 1950 has been driven mainly by the buildup of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases."

Transcripts and audio files of a briefing last week on the background to the IPCC report are available at the National Environmental Trust web site.

Meanwhile, one of the USA Today Weather Guys, an AMS Seal holder, has published a remarkably non-paranoid (meaning for this issue, not for him) post on the Heidi Cullen "controversy". Andrew's Undercast posted yesterday got a tip of the Rabett ears from the somewhat mysterious, but very insightful, Prof. Rabett, to whom we linked last week on the global warming/El Niño issue. Also showing considerable insight are the comments to Andrew's post from Brian of Erie.

Today's WaPo has a front-page article discussing how "Internal Rifts Cloud Democrats' Opportunity on Warming".

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