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Welcome Back, Winter

Dan Stillman @ 12:55 AM

Just like that, all seems normal in the world. American Idol is back on the air, and it finally feels like winter in Washington, complete with wintry weather potential. The forecast details follow ...


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighCold, sunny, diminishing winds. After a breezy morning with temperatures starting out in the 20s, winds will diminish by afternoon. But the cold will remain, despite abundant sunshine, as highs only reach 36-39. Tonight, clear skies early, then increasing clouds toward morning. Lows in the mid 20s in town, near 20 in the burbs.


Forecast Confidence: MediumThickening clouds ... overnight wintry mix? As a storm develops off the South Carolina-Georgia coast and starts to move northward, we'll see skies become overcast and highs near 40. The storm could brush the metro area with a brief period of light snow, sleet or freezing rain. With overnight lows expected in the mid 20s to near 30, we'll have to keep an eye on this since it wouldn't take much to cause some problems on the roads. But chances are we don't see anything more some flurries or sprinkles.


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighSlowly clearing skies, becoming breezy. As the storm heads northeast up the coast, cold winds out of the northwest kick up behind it by afternoon. For us, that means slowly clearing skies with highs in the low 40s around lunchtime, then falling temperatures during the afternoon. Overnight, clear and windy with lows in the mid-to-upper 20s.

The Weekend

Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighVery cold Saturday, seasonal Sunday. Saturday looks to be a partly to mostly sunny and blustery day with winds gusting over 20 mph and highs only in the mid 30s. Saturday night, partly cloudy with gradually diminishing winds and lows in the low-to-mid 20s in town, upper teens to near 20 in the burbs. Sunday, partly sunny with highs near normal, in the low 40s.

Snow Chances For Early Next Week?

Models indicate the potential for a storm to develop along the Gulf Coast on Sunday, moving up toward the MidAtlantic during the day on Monday. There's some potential here for snow, but not enough certainty or consistency in the models for me to pull out the Snow Lover's Crystal Ball (which we reserve for accumulating snow chances of 20% or more). We'll re-evaluate after the morning model runs, so check back midday to see if we've changed our tune.


The Associated Press reports that, starting in October, the National Weather Service will begin issuing certain severe weather warnings for specific geographic locations rather than on a countywide basis.

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