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Jason Samenow @ 11:28 AM

More very mild conditions are on tap for the weekend, with the chance of periodic rain shower activity...


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighMostly cloudy, mild. Unseasonably mild air will remain in place as a cold front lurks to our west and northwest. That's where most of the rain should stay during the daylight hours. Generally speaking, it should be overcast but dry the remainder of the afternoon, with highs near 60. Overnight, light rain showers are possible (50% chance), especially after midnight, with lows 45-50.


Forecast Confidence: MediumChance of rain, mild. The cold front will edge ever so closer with waves of low pressure riding along it. The best chance of rain will remain to our north and west, but a period of showers is possible, especially in the morning (50% chance). Temperatures will remain mild, with highs in the mid 50s.

Ski Resorts Re-Open

After having to shutdown for weeks due to the prolonged warm spell, the relative cold of the past week has enabled resorts like Whitetail and Liberty to be back in business. Whitetail has seven runs open today and Liberty has five. While the warmth coupled with the rain this weekend will put a dent in the base of these two resorts, cold weather beginning next Tuesday should allow these resorts to really crank out the snow by next weekend.

Pictured: This webcam image at Whitetail shows spring snow conditions and a thin base, but at least there's snow at all.

Not to be outdone by the ski resorts, one Rockville homeowner fed up with the lack of snow, has taken the situation into his own hands, covering his front lawn with fake snow over the last few days.

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