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Light snow overspreads area

Jason Samenow @ 11:00 PM

*Snow Advisory in effect through 7am Wednesday*

*Updated accumulation map for higher amounts*

The snow arrived on schedule this evening, and a light steady snow is falling throughout most of the area. Snow will continue for the next several hours before tapering off after 3 or 4am from west to east.

Winter Weather Forecast: Tonight

11pm to 3am tonight:
Periods of light and sometimes moderate snow. Temperatures 16-20.
3am to 6am Wednesday:
Snow tapers to flurries and ends west to east. Temperatures 13-18.
Storm Impact: Travelcast:Schoolcast (Wed.):

Frequently asked Questions About the Snow Threat Tonight

When will the heaviest precipitation fall? Most likely between 11pm and 4am overnight.

When will the snow start? Most likely between 8pm and 11pm from west (Loudoun Co) to east (PG County).

Where is the snow now? Click here for the latest radar loop. Note that parts of the leading edge of the precipitation may be virga -- precipitation that's in the air but not yet reaching the ground.

Will the snow stick? Yes. Every flake.

When will travel be most difficult? Probably between 11pm and 5am.

What about precipitation type? Unequivocally, all snow. Because it will be well below freezing at every level of the atmosphere, this will be a dry, powdery snow rather than a wet and icy one.

When will conditions improve? Conditions will rapidly improve towards dawn as the clipper moves offshore.

Could it fizzle out? Yes, the mountains could rob the clipper of much of its moisture resulting in just flurries over the area and/or the clipper could track south leaving us mostly high and dry.

Could the storm bring more snow than expected? Perhaps. If the track of the clipper is a bit further north than currently forecast (just to our south) and its heaviest precipitation moves over our area, 2-3 inches or so could quickly accumulate given the very dry/fluffy nature of the snow, but this possibility is looking more and more unlikely.

What are other forecasters saying? Generally a dusting to an inch or two -- pretty consistent across the board.

What's the bottom line? 10% chance of no snow. 20% chance of just a dusting (slightly higher chance for points east of town). 30% chance of 0.5-1". 30% chance of 1-2". 10% chance of 2" or more. More snow is likely southwest of DC, and less snow is likely northeast of DC. Our 1-3" forecast to the west may be too conservative in spots, especially in the mountains.


Forecast Confidence: HighSun emerging, but brisk. Behind the clipper, clearing will occur fairly rapidly. Expect partly sunny skies with highs around freezing.

See my post from yesterday for the forecast for the rest of the week.

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