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Rain and Snow Showers Likely
Possible Impacts for PM Commute

A. Camden Walker @ 12:50 PM

A batch of rain and snow showers, possibly mixed with sleet, is expected to move through the metro area between 2 and 7pm. Pockets of heavier snow bursts could give roads north and west of town -- where temperatures will be slightly colder -- a quick coating during the commute home. The District and points south and east are more likely to start out with rain showers but could change over to snow showers and should be cautious on the roads, especially once the sun goes down. -Dan Stillman

Earlier today, a wintry mix overnight left some untreated roads a bit icy delaying the start of school in Fairfax and Montgomery Counties. The weekend looks chilly, but sunshine will certainly be an improvement to today's overcast. Meanwhile, Groundhog Phil says "Expect an Early Spring"!


Forecast Confidence: HighCold & Damp. PM Rain or Snow Showers? After patchy morning light rain, freezing rain and sleet, skies are likely to remain overcast for the rest of the day. This afternoon and evening, there is an elevated threat of rain (DC and east) and/or snow showers (west of DC, and DC after dark) as a cold front approaches. Definitely take your small umbrella or jacket along with you today.


Overcast skies welcome trainriders to Alexandria, VA [A. Camden Walker]

Tonight, after a chance of evening snow showers that could dust areas to the north and west, the wind shifts direction, picks up in speed somewhat, and begins to dry us out. Skies will also clear off. Downtown will see a low of 25 but only a couple degrees cooler in most suburbs.


Chilly, Breezy. It will be time to dry out and enjoy high temperatures in the upper 30s. Sure, the air will be chilly and very dry (find that lotion!) but it should be more enjoyable than our cold precipitation on Friday.


Last Non-glacial Day. The 34 degree mark will feel closer to 24, with afternoon wind that may batter you around from time to time. Low temperatures leave us with some space in which to recover: 22 downtown, 19 in outlying areas. Our next "arctic express" cold front is scheduled to move through, but it should not prevent sunshine from...attempting... to warm us, during most of the day. Note that temperatures will quickly dive below freezing and a breif shroud of clouds will simultaneously mark the frontal passage during the afternoon. Watch out for our very frigid week set to begin...

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