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Late Night and Early Morning Alert: Icy Glaze in Spots

Jason Samenow @ 2:10 AM

Patchy areas of light sleet, freezing and snow are leaving a glaze on untreated surfaces in the immediate DC area. I was surprised to go outside and find the parking lot where I live in Northwest DC entirely iced over. The temperature was between 31 and 32 with a mix of freezing rain, light sleet and snow falling. Precipitation is sticking easily due to recent cold and relatively little sunshine yesterday.

Areas most affected seem to be Fairfax, Montgomery and PG Counties and DC. Patches of light frozen precipitation may last until the pre-dawn hours. Be careful on driveways, sidewalks and all untreated roads when you get up and head out. There is a slight chance of minor school delays due to the icy roads.

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