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Weekend: Sunny, Dry, Not Quite as Cold
Next Week: Potential for Snow Still the Story

A. Camden Walker @ 5:05 PM

The continued 'story' is next week's potential winter storm; but in the nearer term, I would like to present to you a mostly sunny and crisp weekend. It won't be quite as cold as recent highs which have struggled to hit 30. Nor will there be precipitation -- or much in the way of clouds for that matter -- to disrupt outdoor activities. Drat, though, there will still be that cold wind from time to time.


Forecast Confidence: HighPartly Cloudy. You can also look forward to reduced breeziness. Lows in the suburbs may dip to near 12 while downtown hovers around 20°. Despite slightly more "mild" conditions this weekend, this evening's temperatures will still require that scarf! Don't forget to apply that medicated lip ointment often, with the wind drying them out quickly coupled with our low, dry dewpoints.


A crisp winter day comes to an end on Pennsylvania Avenue at the 7th st, NW, Archives & Navy Memorial area [A. Camden Walker]


Melting Continues. It will continue to be cold and dry. The breeze will perhaps trick your senses into thinking the day's high is in the 20s; however, near 37° is the expected high temperature under sunny skies.


Not Bad. By this point, the last patches of snowcover will have melted so as to NOT influence our morning low. After a morning chill in the 18-21 degree range (actually, my morning low prediction could be a tad too low), 38 degrees is our likely high. Generally, skies will stay clear and breezes will subside, though there may be a slight increase in clouds right at sunset and going into the evening. It may be the least wind-chilled day we've had in some time. My red, wind-burned face is very excited about this.

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow: Tuesday, February 13
Probability: 45%
Potential Impact:

Commentary: The majority of computer models continue to suggest that this already-hyped winter storm is still a go. Regrettably, its timing and exact track is most vexing. I can't determine whether there will be some flakes as early as Monday or as late as Wednesday. Placement of precipitation still remains a question, too. As mentioned previously on, it is striking how consistent the models have been in showing this storm. Nevertheless, the "model-waffle-dance" (as coined by Josh in his post yesterday) is likely not over, which means a few meteorological headaches remain ahead.

[Just admit it, you scrolled to the bottom of my post to read about snow first! Please use our comment link, directly below here, to discuss next week's snowfall potential.]

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