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Winter, What Remains Up Thy Sleeve?
Mixed precipitation possible on Sunday

A. Camden Walker @ 2:25 PM

*Winter Storm Watch in Effect Late Saturday Night Through Sunday Night*

Winter-hardened Washingtonians can certainly withstand today's "slight" breeze -- gusts to 40mph and possibly higher -- and our next few days of Winter's resurgence. Right? Hang in there! Winter will try to whip you around, knock out your power, and perhaps even scare you with a bit of frozen precipitation on Sunday morning. But Winter is weak, I say! And the sun angle ever-stronger ... (ok ok, yes, the Snow Lover's Crystal Ball has returned below).


Forecast Confidence: HighStill Windy. Today's high temperatures near 40 could feel more like the 20s at times. Gusts to 50mph are possible, as ever-drier air moves in during the day today behind yesterday's storm system that is now strengthening on its way out to sea, beyond Cape Cod. My chapped lips say enough enough is enough already! Anyway, the skies will be mostly sunny and precipitation chances are zero.

A slightly shrouded winter afternoon sky at Constitution Ave. and 17th St. NW, near The National Mall. By's A. Camden Walker.

Tonight, will be clear, breezy, and cold. Lows will range from 18-23° (Dulles-DCA). I hope you didn't lose track of your heavy coat and scarf with our refreshingly average temperatures during the last few days.


Clear & Calming. It won't be a super-serene day, but it will be clear with slackening breezes -- especially near sunset. High temperatures will be in the mid-40s. Clouds move in quickly after dark ... what's in store?


Wet & ... Wintry? Overcast skies ahead of an approaching storm will shroud the region well before dawn; however, not in time to keep temperatures from dropping below freezing. Morning lows will range from 25-30°. There is a 25% chance that some precipitation could begin before sunrise, which would be the most problematic time in terms of sub-freezing temps. But highs should eventually bolt upwards to near 40° with moderate amounts of rain possible during the afternoon. Let's discuss the potential wintry onset of this event ...

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow: Sunday AM
Probability: 30%
Potential Impact:

Commentary: Sunday morning just before dawn through late morning could prove interesting. Confidence is pretty low with this forecast, but the potential does exist for a few hours of wintry precipitation, beginning first as snow, then transitioning quickly to sleet, and finally some freezing rain. Surface temperatures should warm above freezing by late morning (around 10 or 11am, it appears at this point) after which rain could become moderate in intensity. As usual, the northern and western suburbs will probably be the last to surpass the freezing mark.

The ever-important psychological impact could be moderate during the early morning -- you know what happens when DC area drivers see a flake: nerves can quickly get frazzled. The overall impact, especially considering the weekend morning timing, is likely to be a lot less severe than the last storm. Accumlations of snow and ice are not likely to be substantial, especially given the predicted 36°-40° afternoon highs.

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