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Choice of Day: (1) Sunny & Cool [or] (2) Cloudy & Mild

A. Camden Walker @ 6:36 AM

Happy Friday. Today will be sunny and is forecast to pop above 40 degrees. This weekend looks...ok. But potentially wet. Let's focus on the WARMER and not so much the clouds, shall we?


Forecast Confidence: HighMelting: Completed. High temperatures in the region will bound above 40, with mid-40s probable south of town. Until a few clouds move into the area late this afternoon, it will be a generally clear, blue day. This is the first Friday in a long time that I can remember when winds are NOT a major aspect to the forecast--today's breezes will be fairly innocuous.


The Smithsonian Information Center "Castle" getting socked with wind-driven snow on Wednesday. By's Kevin Ambrose.

Tonight, will be mostly cloudy, with temperatures hovering in the mid 30s. Clouds buoy temperatures inside & outside of the Beltway fairly uniformly, thus cancelling out the Urban Heat Island visibility, when compared to exurb temperatures.


Cloudy but Warmer. Even with a breeze & clouds moving through the area, high temperatures will still feel "toasty" near 60 degrees. Precipitation chances are low, but I won't rule out the chance of a stray shower. Do not worry about lugging around a big umbrella or anything. Any shower will be short in duration.


Mild, Rainy? A mild, and potentially damp, start in the low-to-mid 40s will not warm quickly. Temperatures, under cloudy skies, are going to struggle to move up 10 degrees, into the middle 50s. Besides one batch of light rain moving through during pre-dawn hours, there is a chance for a second, mid-afternoon, batch of light rain as well. Forecast confidence will likely increase tomorrow--stay tuned--as we get a fix on just how much rain or "batches" we are looking at.

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