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Harmless Clouds, For the Most Part

A. Camden Walker @ 10:50 AM

Oye, Friday. Today's dominant clouds won't disrupt our very recent warming trend. But will the potential afternoon thundershowers dampen your spirits? Further out, after Friday late-night dampness, it appears the rest of the weekend will effort to rid itself of overcast skies ... but eventually turn out decently.


Forecast Confidence: HighIncreasing clouds, and? Before a cold front tries to move showers through our region later today, some peeks of sunshine will help high temperatures to pop above 70, perhaps 75 south of town. Mid-afternoon through the end of rush hour brings a threat for showers (55% chance) and a rumble of thunder (15% chance). Winds will be fairly light but could gust with any brief downpour -- most likely after 4pm. staff may choose to nowcast later in the afternoon, should conditions warrant.

Clear Skies, Clean Air too.

A wispy altocumulus cloud flutters over the downtown headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency, at 12th&Penn, NW. By A. Camden Walker.

Tonight, will stay almost completely cloudy. This will keep temperatures uniform through most of the region -- bottoming out in the lower 50s. Around midnight there is a second round of showers that threaten to move through the region to dampen roads for the early morning hours.


Cloudy but Mild. Yes, clouds will still be sticking around but chances of showers decrease as the morning wears on. There is no need to wear your poncho outside during the day -- you may sweat inside it! High temperatures should creep up toward 60 degrees, with dewpoints hinting at a wee bit of mugginess (a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, since this is still March we are talking about!).


Parting Clouds, Cooling Temps. From dawn-time temperatures in the lower 40s, afternoon breaks in the clouds will only net us the upper 50s for highs. The good news? It will remain dry all day. Dress in layers in case the sun decides to pop out and warm temperatures more than expected, yet be prepared for a slight windchill otherwise.

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