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Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Oh, that was easy.)

A. Camden Walker @ 2:45 PM

The rain is certainly over and blue skies are in its place. Last night, most folks saw well over three-quarters of an inch. Today marks a rocky, but determined, beginning of a new weather regime. Now playing: above average (50°/33°) temperatures! Sun! Drying out! Enjoy the weekend... and beyond.


Forecast Confidence: HighBecoming Brilliant. From our muggy mid-50s this morning, high temperatures will bound upwards this afternoon toward 59-63°F. Skies could begin clearing soon after 9:00am and reveal a brilliantly blue sky, this afternoon. Warmer winds, downsloping off of the Appalachians to our west, will make their case known; however, you won't perceive too great of a windchill since temperatures will concurrently be in the 50s.


A clearing February sky greeting ascending Metro riders at the Dupont Circle station. By's A. Camden Walker.

Tonight, will be mostly clear, with temperatures dipping into the middle 30s outside of the Beltway, and hovering right near 40, on The Mall downtown. Our southwesterly winds will settle a bit overnight, but get revved again--as soon as the sun rises.


Lied about Sun...? Ok, even with clouds moving through the area during early afternoon hours, high temperatures will still be "toasty" near 60 degrees. Precipitation chances are low, but I shouldn't rule out the chance of a stray shower.


Mild, Uneventful. A slightly cooler start in the low-to-mid 30s won't prevent us from netting the 50° mark. Skies should be clear, but winds will continue onward from their gustiness before sunrise--throughout the day. It should be a dry day! Get outside.

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