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Seriously Nice Weather, Seriously I Hate Trees

A. Camden Walker @ 12:02 PM

Once you take your anti-pollen drugs, today's 70° warm, cobalt-infused sky will be highly enjoyable. Spots in the shade might actually be chilly at times, though. All's well until: Sunday's forecast...should it worry you?


Forecast Confidence: HighAh-maze-ing. Clear, blue skies quietly shunt our temperatures from around the 33°-40° range up to nearly 70 degrees. Did I say clear? ZERO chance of rain? Light SSW breezes? Take off from work early today and then thank me for the recommendation.


Windfanned altostratus clouds clear southward from the Potomac as yesterday's sunrise cold front passed through the region. Image courtesy National Park Service webcam.

Tonight, we head down into the middle 40s. Winds will be calm, and skies generally clear except right near sunrise. Two clouds won't seriously bother you, will they?


Increasing Afternoon Clouds. A fairly clear morning sky will give way to increasing afternoon clouds. Still, we make it up to 63-66 degrees. No rain. No worries! Just a slight SE breeze every now and then. Don't forget to check out the Cherry Blossom opening festival on the Tidal Basin at 5:30pm!


Overcast, Afternoon Showers? While I am confident in that we'll have overcast skies I am still unsure if we'll see showers on Sunday afternoon. Upper 50s will be the best we can muster with a light ENE fetch coming off of the Bay. Stay tuned for Saturday's update on any Sunday showers! Be sure to get down to the Tidal Basin by Sunday morning juuuust in case a few blossoms are lost in the showers? Blasphemy, I know...

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