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Unseasonable Warmth Today, Wintry Weather Friday?
March Madness Weather Style

Jason Samenow @ 12:05 AM

It's true. While we'll bask in nearly 80 degree warmth today, it's not out of the question that some wet snow flakes fill the sky by Friday. Mother Nature's very own version of March madness is poised to generate some weather excitement in the coming days.


Forecast Confidence: MediumVery mild, scattered PM showers. Strong southwesterly flow will tap some pretty warm air for the region today. High temperatures will likely range from 75-80 with the coolest readings near the Potomac River and Chesapeake, and the warmest readings to the southwest. A few scattered showers are possible late in the afternoon or in the early evening, but not likely (20% chance).

Any rain showers should diminish overnight leaving just partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures with lows ranging from 52-56 (suburbs-city)


Forecast Confidence: HighWarm day, rain late. Ahead of the next cold front, it will remain partly cloudy and very warm, with highs generally in the mid to upper 70s. By late afternoon and evening, showers and thundershowers are likely as the front draws closer.

Overnight, the front will slip by to the south as cold high pressure begins developing to the northwest. Temperatures will gradually cool overnight with lows around 40. Meanwhile, a wave of low pressure is likely to form along the front producing rain.


Forecast Confidence: Low-MediumRaw and cold with rain and possibly snow. The area of low pressure to the south will move northeast as cold air continues trickling into the area. Rain is likely, although it may mix with and/or changeover to sleet and snow, especially in the northwest suburbs and especially in the evening. The normally cold spots away from the city with some elevation are most likely to see snow. Temperatures will likely remain steady or slowly fall from 40 into the mid 30s. At this point, it appears accumulation is not likely in the DC area, although colder suburbs could have light accumulations on grassy surfaces. Considerable uncertainty remains with this storm and additional updates will be forthcoming.

Overnight, rain or snow will end mid evening followed by partial clearing late, with lows near 30.

The Weekend

Forecast Confidence: MediumVariably cloudy, breezy and cold. Flurries Saturday? In the wake of Friday's storm, strong northwest flow will result in unseasonably cold conditions. Saturday will probably be mostly cloudy with a few snow flurries. High temperatures may not get out of the 30s, and it will be breezy. Sunday will likely be more sunny, less windy and warmer -- with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Will Mother Nature Produce a Bracket Buster?

The chance of seeing snow Friday is a possibility (30% chance), although not likely. The chance of not only snow but also snow accumulation is even less likely (15% chance) and just below the threshold for bringing back the Snow Lover's Crystal Ball. The way I see it, it's about as likely to snow Friday as it is Illinois (a 12 seed) will beat Virginia Tech (a 5 seed). And it's as likely for some snow to stick as it is for Albany (a 13 seed) to beat Virginia (a 4 seed). For more extreme scenarios, see the new poll and you make the call.

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