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Coastal Storm to Bring Saturday Night Soaker
A little rain this afternoon, a lot of wind tomorrow

Jason Samenow @ 12:30 AM

** Flood Watch in Effect from late tonight through Sunday afternoon **

The much anticipated storm will begin to take shape to our southwest today. Some rain showers may well run out ahead of it this afternoon, but the main event will be tonight -- with a heavy dousing likely. Tomorrow, as the storm pulls away, the story will become the wind on the backside.


Weekend Rain Timeline

12pm to 8pm SAT: A batch of light rain is likely to pivot from southwest to northeast. The rain will not be continuous, and is likely to only affect a particular area for a couple hours.
8pm SAT to 8am SUN: Moderate to heavy rain develops across the entire area. 1-1.5" of rain possible.
8am SUN to 2pm SUN: Rain ends from SW to NE, breezy.
2pm to 8pm SUN: Variably cloudy and windy with gusts to over 30mph. A stray shower is possible.
Forecast Confidence: HighCloudy, some afternoon light rain possible. But for the extreme southwest areas, the morning will be dry in spite of a lowering and thickening cloud deck. The Cherry Blossom parade should be mostly dry. By afternoon, a period of light rain is possible but should move through in a couple hours. So we're not talking about an all-day soaker. Depending on when you hit the Cherry Blossom street festival this afternoon, you may have to dodge a shower or two. High temperatures will be in the low 50s.

The steady, soaking rain will fall overnight, with lows 40-45.


Steady rain tapers off, then windy, unsettled. The storm will pull away during the day, cutting off the rain from southwest to northeast during the morning. By afternoon, it will be variably cloudy and windy, with both peeks of sun and a stray shower possible. Highs will be quite chilly -- only in the upper 40s.

Worst Coastal Impacts in New England

While the Maryland and Delaware beaches will likely experience some coastal flooding and beach erosion -- coastal New England will experience more severe impacts due to longer lasting onshore winds as the storm's forward motion slows on its way north and the storm intensifies.

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Mountain Snow

Some accumulating snow is possible in the mountains, particularly on the west facing slopes of the Appalachians after the storm passes and winds become northwesterly. Even on the east facing slopes and into the valley areas, some wet snowflakes will likely be seen Sunday night into Monday -- with elevation determining whether there is any accumulation. The heavy stuff is going to fall in interior portions of the Northeast and New England where 1 to 3 feet is possible.

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