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Raincheck? Today To Payoff for Improved Weekend!

A. Camden Walker @ 5:40 AM

After a less-than-ideal day Friday, the weekend is still shaping up to be mild with ever-reducing chances of showers...Sunday should shine, superbly. Tangentially, care to rejoice with me that DC's average high temperature benchmarks 70 degrees today?? Ah, Spring here... at last.


Fairly Damp. Morning hours today will be fully overcast with numerous showers. Temperatures will flounder only in the 50s. This afternoon an occluded front will come through and partially clear us out; however, a thunderstorm possibility exists until sunset especially east of I-95 where a few strong storms could develop. Temperatures behind the front could be bolstered toward 70 degrees, with a southwesterly flow and a peek of sunshine.

Bottom line? Dress for rain. It may not be heavy or steady, but this is the type of day to hedge one's bets with an umbrella in your bag and shoes that can afford to get wet--just in case!

Cherry Blossoms abound in Oakton, VA
by photographer Kevin Ambrose.


Enjoyable Imperfection. Drying and clearing well underway, the middle 50s during sunrise will shoot upwards into the 60s. Skies should stay clear until late afternoon when a few "instability showers" threaten to develop. No worries though, they will not be heavy nor widespread. The overcast skies' main impact will be to quash our temperatures at or just below the 70 degree mark. Overall, an enjoyable day. A slight westerly breeze won't bother you, right?


Ultimate Springtime! From low temperatures slightly below 50 in the suburbs to slightly above 50 downtown--temperatures rocket toward our predicted 73 degree ideal temperature. Humidity levels will be perfect, slightly breezy, skies mostly clear, pollen at moderate levels, no rain--Have I sold you yet? I wish we could bottle days like Sunday...

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