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Spring Firm in its Refusal to Appear

Matt Ross @ 1:00 AM

Thanks to the slowly departing Nor'easter, windy conditions will continue through today, though not as fierce as yesterday, and temperatures will remain rather cool through midweek.


Forecast<br />Confidence: HighCloudy, Cool. Today will be mostly cloudy and cool with sustained winds of 25 mph plus from the northwest. A few sprinkles or a shower cannot be ruled out. High temperatures will be more than 10 degrees below normal in the low to mid 50s.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Forecast<br />Confidence: MediumClouds, Cool. A stiff northwesterly breeze will continue overnight as skies remain mostly cloudy. Overnight lows will dip to the mid to upper 30s. Wednesday will be partly to mostly cloudy with diminishing winds. Afternoon high temperatures will remain cool in the mid 50s. Refer to Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and weekend.

Pictured: Depiction of the major noreaster that is slow to leave, courtesy of Accuweather.

2007 Annual Weather Conference, the premier weather forum of the east, is hosting its 3rd annual weather conference in Philadelphia from June 22-24. As usual the lineup is stellar. On Friday, there will be workshops hosted by public and private sector meteorologists, capped off by an appearance from Accuweather's Joe Bastardi. On Saturday there will be presentations all day. Among the highlights will be a global warming presentation by reknowned long term forecaster, Joe D'Aleo, and a talk on extreme rainfall events by DC's own resident expert, Wes Junker. Former Weather Channel Winter Weather Expert and American Meterological Society author, Paul Kocin, will appear for the 3rd consecutive year. Attendance is expected to be in the hundreds. Sign up early.

New Multifaceted Weather Site

There is a new weather related website with a lot of promise.
offers a free weather forum/message board, a free daily blog by a meteorologist, and an enhanced local forecast experience. But it is its paid subscription option that is the main focus of the site. Among other things that are due to be rolled out piecemeal throughout 2007, paid subscribers will have access to an evolving weather wiki, propietary model graphics from MDA EarthSat, and a variety of media from professional meteorologists. Co-founder Tom Thunstrom says that StormVista's ultimate goal is to "help people learn WHY it is doing what it is outside and to provide them a chance to share their knowledge of weather with the rest of the world." Check it out over the coming months.

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