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Finally, Fridays are Increasingly Spring-Like

A. Camden Walker @ 11:30 AM

A cool, dank-feeling 50°morning will give way to mostly sunny -- and dry -- conditions this afternoon. Temperatures will for the most part reside in the 60s today, with a chance at 70°. Whilst the weekend may not glisten constantly, it will be mild and with some showers possible late Saturday.


Really Efforting. 70 degrees will be attempted, but patchy clouds at times could be enough to keep us in the 60s. At least there should be more sunshine than yesterday. Light winds from the northeast early in the day will become more southerly during the afternoon. Bottom line, despite the damp feeling at dawn this morning, the skies will offer a near-zero chance of rain today! Tonight, mostly clear with lows near 50 in town, and in the slightly chilly mid-40s in the suburbs.

Your Weekend

MidAtlantic weather graphic courtesy of


Return of the Clouds? There may be a stray afternoon shower, but generally it will be a dry day. After a morning start in the low 50s, most of the day will be spent in the 60s with clouds. There will be sunshine peeks more likely in the morning than afternoon, as our quasi-stationary front to our south begins to oscillate northward toward DC again. Ergg. For the evening and overnight, a better chance of showers with lows in the mid-40s to near 50.


Refreshing Springtime! Skies finally clear toward morning after the cold front decides -- no, actually, I will stay to your south. From chilly spots in the mid-40s, we will enjoy afternoon high temperatures in the dry, crisp middle-60s. It will be a tad breezy, but oh-so-sunny. This will be the best day of the weekend!

L'Enfant Luminance
Thomas Circle at 6:31am this morning at 53.2°F. [A. Camden Walker]

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