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May Mugginess Makes Moves... Out, by Sunday

A. Camden Walker @ 6:10 AM

The entirety of your Friday along with the morning Saturday will be consumed by this early-onset humidity. But I don't believe most Washingtonians are overly surprised to feel some stickiness in May? Below, I will discuss the chances of rain as we switch to the COOLER side of a cold front moving through here, Saturday.


Warm & Sticky. From lows only in the 60s this morning, the Metro area will make a run at 85 degrees in short order. Yes there is a chance of an afternoon thundershower, but as of now--nothing severe or widespread. Dress in breathable clothes, since this will feel very warm to our bodies used to below-average temperatures as of late. A small, pocket umbrella may be wise as well. Around evening Rush is the greatest chance for drops to fall.
Morning Murky & Muggy

At sunrise in front of the White House, an uncomfortable Secret Service Armed Policewoman goes to work. [A. Camden Walker]


Humid, PM showers and storms possible. Downtown DC will be lucky to dip below 70 degrees before sunrise on Saturday morning. All areas, in and out of the Beltway, will be muggy and at least in the mid-60s for morning low temperatures. Early afternoon temperatures around 80 degrees will likely be the highest we get due to increasing clouds in the afternoon. Expect a good chance of thunder and showers over most of the Metro area by late Saturday afternoon and evening (greatest chance at night). Check the Doppler radar before venturing out. The front will not completely clear DC until almost dawn, Sunday.


Breezy, but Better. Those of you waking up early will witness the skies clearing, winds on the increase, and cooler temperatures dipping toward the lower 50s. Outer suburbs could dip below the 50 degree mark, briefly. Drying is on the way--that is the good news. It will be sunny. And the overnight rain will have departed for the Eastern Shore...on its way out to sea. High temperatures should still make it to a splendid 70, maybe 73. Northerly winds of 10-20mph will refresh.

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