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Unseasonably cool, and windy
Warm-up on the way

Jason Samenow @ 9:05 AM

(Andrew Freedman's Undercast column has the day off)

A strong back door cold front slid through the area yesterday setting up a cool and crisp pattern for the next 48 hours or so. Cool airmasses don't stick around long this time of year though, and temperatures will be back up near 80 before you know it...


Forecast Confidence: HighMostly sunny and very windy. As an usually strong area of Canadian high pressure for May settles in from the north, expect abundant sunshine but high temperatures about 10 degrees below average -- in the low 60s. The big story will be the wind, which has already caused the cancellation of this year's Bay Bridge Walk. Northeast winds will blow from 20-25mph with gusts over 30mph at times. Overnight, it will be clear and breezy, with chilly lows ranging from the mid 40s downtown to some scattered upper 30s in the colder suburbs.


Forecast Confidence: HighNot as windy, warmer. The center of the Canadian high pressure area will land over the Mid Atlantic, resulting in a sunny and pleasant afternoon. The winds will subside, with high temperatures from 65-70.

Yesterday's Weather

Clouds make a big difference in May. Yesterday morning, with the sun out, temperatures surged into the upper 60s to near 70 in most areas by noon. But then, the cloud cover thickened, the wind kicked up and it felt downright cold. At Reagan National Airport, the temperature dropped from 67 at noon to 54 degrees at 3pm. Anyone who dressed in shorts in the morning probably found themselves very uncomfortable outdoors by mid afternoon.

The drop in temperatures was entirely due to the cloud cover. No cold front came through during the early afternoon as winds were southerly for the duration of the daylight hours. (The wind did shift to northerly around midnight as the back door cold front slid through - setting the stage for today's cool weather, in spite of the sunshine.)

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