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Easing into ... Meteorological Summer: 3H's Preview

A. Camden Walker @ 6:30 AM

Welcome to Summer. June 1 marks the beginning of meteorological summer... and we'll be feeling it. Hazy/Hot/Humid take hold of the metro area for today and tomorrow; but, nothing extreme. Temperatures cool by Sunday.


80s feel HOT. From the muggy 60s this morning, temperatures will head near 90. Heat indices will be reading higher -- afternoon temperatures today feeling above 90. There is only the slightest chance of a shower, but clouds may still ebb and flow during the afternoon. I will continue the urging: wear SUNSCREEN!

Summery Sunrise

Yipee! Not too hazy a sunrise ... from Lafayette Park, looking southward toward the White House. By's A. Camden Walker.


More clouds. But not bad. From balmy morning lows in the upper 60s, temperatures top off in the afternoon around 85. Humidity should stay under control and the increased cloudiness will help cap any unpleasant feeling. Thunderstorm chances are only 20%, but check radar if you have to go out in the late afternoon for a prolonged period.


Overcast; With showers? Skies overnight will have become draped in clouds as storm systems approach from the west and south. All in all not a bad day with temperatures only retreating to near 70 for morning lows and staying below 85 for afternoon highs. We need some rain; however, rain chances on Sunday are only around 35%.

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