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From Spectacular to Sizzling
Gorgeous today; high heat and humidity for Friday

Dan Stillman @ 8:45 AM

You can't get much better than today's sunny skies, moderate temperatures and low humidity. And you can't get much worse than the sizzling and sticky 90s expected for Friday. The forecast details follow ...


Sunny, refreshing. Early-morning clouds should quickly give way to mostly sunny skies through the rest of the day. Temperatures will be in the comfort zone with afternoon highs 75-80 and very low humidity. A pleasant evening is on tap with mostly clear skies and temperatures dropping to near 70 around sunset, then turning partly cloudy overnight with lows near 60 in town, low-to-mid 50s in the burbs.


Forecast Confidence: HighPartly sunny, warmer. We're back into the 80s -- low-to-mid 80s -- with a mix of sun and clouds. Humidity will be on the rise but not too bad, yet. Overnight, partly to mostly clear with lows in the upper 60s to near 70 in town, mid 60s in the burbs.


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighVery hot, very humid, chance of late-day storms. Temperatures will sizzle with afternoon highs likely reaching the low-to-mid 90s. High humidity could push heat indices into the upper 90s to near 100 range. Hazy sunshine through much of the day may be replaced by building clouds in the late afternoon as a cold front advances from the west. Showers and thunderstorms are a possibility during the evening and overnight hours, and some thunderstorms could be severe. Otherwise, muggy and mild overnight with lows in the upper 60s to low 70s.

The Weekend

Forecast Confidence: MediumWarm, not as humid. It remains to be seen whether the cold front will linger in the area on Saturday, continuing the chance of a few showers or storms, or whether high pressure will move in quickly behind the front and give us a mostly sunny and rain-free day. Sunday looks like a somewhat more certain bet to be sunny with little or no chance of precipitation. Highs both days should top out in the 80s and not as sticky as Friday. Saturday night lows in the mid 50s to low 60s.

Flying Blind No More

In September, the Federal Aviation Administration, citing them as a distraction, banned AM/FM radios from air-traffic-control towers. Incredibly, this included NOAA weather radios, which air traffic controllers depend on for warnings of tornadoes that could affect aircraft or even the tower itself.

Lest you think the weather radios were included in the ban by accident, the FAA reiterated the ban over the winter. A local FAA administrator placed a weather radio in the tower at Daytona Beach International Airport two days after controllers there, unaware of a tornado warning in effect, allowed a commercial jet to land. But higher-ups at the FAA soon ordered the radios removed, again.

Finally, after several other close encounters between aircraft and tornadoes or funnel clouds, the FAA decided last week to allow weather radios back into control towers. Only nine months of unnecessarily putting airline passengers and air traffic controllers at significant risk -- sounds reasonable, no?

Graphic courtesy NOAA.

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