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Evening thunderstorm risk, then weekend relief

A. Camden Walker @ 7:30 PM



7:30pm Nowcast -- An isolated thunderstorm is currently affecting northern Prince George's County. A more extensive -- but scattered-- line of thunderstorms has crossed the mountains and could affect the area between 8:30 and 11pm tonight (from west to east). A few storms could produce strong winds and hail.

Earlier Post...

Ouch. The brutal taste of summer we Washingtonians fear... has arrived for sampling. Wear light colored clothing today, lather on the sunscreen, and brace for impact. Yeah, that's a wall of muggy air awaiting you. Just outside the door.


Unbearable, indeed. From the muggy 70s this morning, temperatures will surge into the middle 90s. Heat indices will be closing in on 100 degrees by late afternoon, as dewpoint levels reach Floridian-like 70 degree readings. Be safe today, drink a LOT of water, ok? While there may be some warm breezes and a few more clouds this afternoon, the heat will be palpable. With a 25% hope and a prayer, your area may see some evening relief in the form of a thunderstorm. On the other hand, the isolated storms that develop could produce dangerous lightning, very heavy rain and high winds. So check for any severe weather updates in the afternoon.

Sizzling Sunshine

Hot Flight! Breezes will be warm & noticeable today if you choose to fly your kite on The Mall; still, I wouldn't recommend it! By's A. Camden Walker.


More like WARM, versus hot. Slowly the humidity levels will drop from overnight mugginess, as a cold front makes its way through town. Low temperatures may only get to 73 or 75 degrees, but the late-day middle 80s will feel quite comfortable. Enjoy clearing skies and more refreshing breezes than on Friday.


Refreshing! Skies will completely clear out overnight, allowing low temperatures to dip below 65 inside the Beltway, and below 60 elsewhere. Highs will likely near 85 degrees again, but ever-lower dewpoints will keep the air comfortable and horizon less hazy. Wear that sunscreen. UV indices around DC will get closer to 9 (very high) this weekend, after the cold front moves through netting us our more comfortable temperatures!

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