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Mugginess Move Along, Move Along Please
One Last Day of Humidity & Storms before Pleasantness

A. Camden Walker @ 12:05 AM

The cold front is still not out of our hair. But after more showers and isolated storms today, you can look forward to a lovely air mass. This current air could use a little conditioning, no?


Not Hot, but Muggy. Showers? From start to finish, today will feel sticky. Under mostly cloudy skies, temperatures will only get to 80 or 82 degrees in most spots. Winds will refuse to stir the muggy air. We have a 60% chance of showers, with a few storms possibly embedded in some of this spotty dampness. The Metro Area will begin to reap some real relief once the front moves onward, late today or tonight.

All's Quiet on The Western Front

Sun Setting behind the Blue Ridge Mountains. By's Kevin Ambrose.


Clearing Skies. Slow clearing overnight will allow temperatures to fall to the mid 60s downtown (and near 60 in the cooler suburbs). But as the morning wears on, temperatures will head upward toward 80 degrees. Fortunately, the humidity will be on the decrease. All in all a very nice day. It really will be a lovely, refreshing afternoon with virtually no chance of rain. Thanks to the front finally having moved through to clear us out.


Sunday Special: Clear, Dry, 80! The price paid with less-than-ideal weather this last week, will pay off on Sunday. Clear skies from dawn till dusk with a temperature range from the lower 60s in the morning to around 80 degrees for your evening. Enjoy this picture perfect day!

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