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Nothing but a Swell Day!
Temperatures to Swell, After This Weekend

A. Camden Walker @ 12:30 AM

Minus the pesky thundershowers last evening, we've got just as nice a day as yesterday lined up for today. Humidity will remain low and temperatures under control this weekend. Is this the last gasp of pleasant Washington weather prior to the onset of the "Dog Days of Summer" expected next week?? How about you GET OUTSIDE and don't wait around to find out...


Clear, Pleasant Sailing. Pleasant morning lows in the 60s will head toward the lower 80s for highs this afternoon. Enjoy the comfort and zero chance for rain behind the cold front that spawned yesterday evening's storms. Substantial northwesterly breezes will usher in drier and drier air throughout the day.

Hydro-Express Lane

A helicopter races over the warming Potomac near Rosslyn, from Georgetown University Hospital. By's A. Camden Walker.


Nice; actually, spectacular. Clear overnight conditions will lend themselves to stargazing far from city lights. Crisp morning lows in the upper 50s (low-to-mid 50s in the suburbs) and clear skies -- perfect. Clear skies continue through the day as high temperatures max out in the low 80s again. Really, a perfect day.


Ah, yes, Summer ... afternoon showers? It is astronomical summer now; and here is your reminder. Humidity levels will be gradually rising overnight. Downtown areas may stay above 60 for morning lows, despite mostly clear skies, with mid 50s possible for the burbs. During the afternoon, temperatures will work their way upward through the 80s, probably topping off in the upper 80s to perhaps 90. Watch for that 20% chance of a thundershower. If it does appear, it will be "rogue" in nature, as Josh likes to say. Though it will be markedly warmer and a bit more humid, it won't be oppressive. You can still salvage the day, I say.


Remember the sun is at its highest point of the year, in our DC sky. Fairer-skinned individuals can burn in 20 minutes in direct sunlight on clear days. An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended by the EPA, to help prevent skin cancer. Solar noon is at 1:09pm EDT, thus to avoid the strongest rays of the day, allow a three-hour time window on either side: 10am until 4pm.

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