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Wayward Washington Warmth: Returning Shortly

A. Camden Walker @ 12:30 AM

Have you enjoyed the cloudy, cool reprieve of late? Because, well, it's coming to a close. By Saturday, summertime is going to warm Washington back up. Nothing unheard of, but definitely noticeable.


Mostly cloudy but milder. Temperatures will hover right around 60 degrees this morning for your cool commute. Clouds will hang around for the most part--but we should see more breaks than yesterday's mostly overcast skies. With more sun, temperatures could pop above 75 degrees in the afternoon; with less sun, 70 or 71 may be as warm as it gets (and so, highs will likely be 70-75). Breezes could pick up a bit in the evening, especially in any isolated storms--but chances of convection are generally low throughout the Metro area today.
Formation Flying, For Fun

Air Force jets stream overhead of Andrews Air Force Base. By's A. Camden Walker.


Clearing & Warmer. Skies will continue to break overnight, but not in time for temperatures to really cool off much below the 60-63 degree range. Note that our price for more sunshine on Saturday will be increased humidity levels. Temperatures will feel very warm despite only hitting the lower 80s. We simply won't be used to it! Good news to report: The chance for showers, thunder, or any other type of precipitous pain? nearly zero!


The Heat's Baaack... Muggy overnight temperatures in the upper 60s to 70 degrees will set the stage for Sunday's sizzle. Expect the Metro area to visit the 90 degree mark. And it may pop a few degrees above that, if we are unlucky. It will be sunny during our strongest sun of the year now-- please lather on that sunscreen. There will be little shade or relief offered from clouds or showers: chances of rain are once again nearly zero. Oooof!

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