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The Week Ahead: Cooling Down Then Heating Up

Jason Samenow @ 12:00 AM

After seasonable low 80s to kick off the week, temperatures will drop to the refreshing 70s by midweek. It won't take long for the mercury to bounce back -- with high temperatures nearing 90 by Friday and the weekend. A few late day thunderstorms are possible early and late this week -- but widespread rain chances are low.


Forecast Confidence: HighPartly to mostly sunny, isolated late day storms. As the remnants of Barry pull away to the north, sun should emerge from the clouds during the morning after a lingering shower or two early. Expect a mix of clouds and sun in the afternoon, with a 25% chance of a shower or thunderstorm given some residual low level moisture (yes, it will be somewhat humid). High temperatures should be in the low 80s. Overnight, it will be partly cloudy and mild, with lows 60-65 (suburbs-city)

The Upcoming Week at a Glance

Warmest Day: Saturday, High 90.
Coldest Day: Wednesday, High 78.
Rain Chances: Monday afternoon/evening (25%), Tuesday afternoon/evening (35%), Thursday night/Friday morning (30%), Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening (20%).
Dry Days: Most days will be mostly dry.
The Week's Wild Cards: How much thunderstorm activity will fire up today and tomorrow afternoon? How warm it will get Friday and over the weekend? How high will thunderstorm chances be over the weekend?
Climatological Average High/Low: 81-84/62-65


Forecast Confidence: HighPartly sunny, a late day storm? A cold front will approach from the west during the day. Expect sunshine along with some puffy cumulus clouds in the afternoon. A line of storms could develop -- especially north of town. High temperatures will likely range from 82-86 with a touch of humidity. Overnight, open up the windows -- it will be partly cloudy and cooler, with lows 55-60 (suburbs-city).


Forecast Confidence: HighDelightfully cooler. As Canadian air trickles in from the northwest, we'll have decreasing humidity levels and below average temperatures. Look for partial sunshine and high temperatures in the upper 70s. Overnight, it will be clear and cool, with lows 54-59 (suburbs-city).


Forecast Confidence:Medium-HighMostly sunny, a bit warmer. High pressure is likely to be parked just to our north -- resulting in a sunny, enjoyably warm day. High temperatures will be in the low 80s but humidity levels will remain comfortable. Overnight, some increase in clouds is possible as a warm front approaches, and we may have a period of showers towards morning. Lows should be in the mid 60s.


Forecast Confidence: Medium-HighPartly to mostly sunny, very warm. After some clouds and maybe even a morning shower, the sun should emerge along with the heat by afternoon. High temperatures will probably climb towards 90, and you'll also probably notice increased humidity. Overnight, it will likely be warm and muggy, with lows 65-70 (suburbs-city).

The Weekend

Forecast Confidence: MediumVery warm and humid. Right now, it looks like we'll have a very summery weekend. Both days should be partly sunny, warm and humid, with highs in the upper 80s to around 90. An isolated thunderstorm or two is possible both days -- but more likely to the west and northwest -- in the vicinity of a sluggish cold front.

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