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Certainly sticky, uncertainly stormy
Drought relief up in the air

Jason Samenow @ 12:05 AM

As sultry air grips the region today and tomorrow, the streak of humidity-light, sunny weekends is over. Be ready for 90-degree heat and hit-or-miss late day showers and thunderstorms.


Forecast Confidence: High-Very HighSteamy, Isolated PM Storms. Moist tropical air enveloping the region will make the pool, lake or beach look mighty attractive. Most of the day should be partly sunny with high temperatures in the low 90s. Factoring in the humidity, it will feel more like the mid 90s in the mid afternoon. By late in the afternoon and early evening, an isolated storm is possible (25% chance) -- capable of producing some downpours, dangerous lightning and strong winds.

Overnight, it will be partly cloudy and humid, with lows 69-74 (suburbs-city)

A beautiful sunrise on the Mall yesterday morning. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.


Forecast Confidence: HighHumid, storm chances higher. The air will have the same thick feeling as today but the afternoon and evening storm threat will be a bit higher (35%) as an upper level wave approaches the region. High temperatures should be around 90 with the humidity making it feel 5 or so degrees hotter.

Survey Results

During the past month, we conducted a user survey to find out a little bit more about who you are. Over 120 of you generously completed the survey. The results are now available. Here are some cherry-picked results from respondents:
  • Over half are 21-34 years-old
  • 56% are male
  • 90% at least have a college degree
  • 56% are Democrats, 22% Independents, 15% Republican
  • Honda is the most owned car brand followed by Toyota, Mazda and Subaru
  • 25% believe in UFOs
  • United is the preferred airline followed by Southwest
  • Marriott is the favorite hotel chain followed by Hilton and Westin (tied for second)
Pictured: Pre-sunrise glory yesterday at Iwo Jima by photographer Kevin Ambrose.


  • The Washington Post recaps some of England's worst flooding in 60 years.
  • Speaking of England, an article in the UK Times Online suggests England's torrential storms might have been predicted by monitoring the action of bubbles in a cup of tea after adding sugar.
  • Be sure to stop by tomorrow to read author Bob Henson's guest column on "Balance" in Journalism and Weather.

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