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Freaky Friday - Freakishly Nice Summer Weather?

A. Camden Walker @ 12:00 AM

Huzzah! Humidity will remain low over the immediate term. Revel, revel, revel in it! At least until Sunday... Summer will begin its return a la breezes off the Gulf of Mexico.


Warm, afternoon clouds, not as humid. Morning temperatures in the 60s will quickly shoot up to near 88 degrees in most spots. Luckily you won't experience serious mugginess, to boot. Morning sunshine will also be in-transition. By the mid-afternoon, skies will likely be mostly draped in cloud cover. After 4pm there appears to still be a 20% chance of a shower, but I still am leaning toward most of the Metro Area staying dry!

Washington's Waning Wednesday Sun...

Photo of the sunset two evenings ago at the Washington Monument by contributor Jeffrey Levy.


Dry, sunny. Clouds overnight will slowly dissipate, along with any remaining shower or two in the region. Low temperatures from the middle-to-upper 60s will again launch toward 90. Luckily, we'll have one last day of fairly pleasant air (for July) and thus won't suffocate in our own skin. Wear the sunscreen since conditions should remain pretty bright, and rain chances pretty low.


Hot and a wee bit sticky... Low temperatures stay above 70 or even 73 in most spots overnight. Does this bode well for our daytime conditions? I think not. Morning clouds will quickly clear and noontime temperatures will likely be in the middle 80s--on their way to their 92 degree zenith. Your house may be the 25% of the lucky ones to receive an afternoon cool-down shower? Also of note, there will be a general breeze out of the south most of the day. Watch where you throw that Frisbee!

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