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Hot, Dry Pattern will End July and Begin August

Matt Ross @ 8:25 AM

We end July and begin August with hot, but not terribly humid weather. Conditions will be benign and uneventful. No real rain threat, and no approaching tropical systems. Classic dog days of summer weather. The bad news is drought conditions will persist in many places. The silver lining is humidity levels will be reasonable through midweek. Evening events such as the Legg Mason Classic will benefit.

Today and Tonight

Forecast Confidence: HighHazy early, Hot and Dry late. Some residual fog and haze early will give way to a sunny and hot afternoon. It will be breezy with afternoon high temperatures ranging from 87-91. Tonight will be clear and warm. Temperatures will fall to the mid 60s to low 70s.


Forecast Confidence: HighSunny, Hot. Both heat and humidity levels will be a bit higher on Wednesday as a dry, hot weather pattern establishes itself for the beginning of August. Afternoon highs will be 90-94. Refer to Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and weekend.

Pictured Above: Preston County, WV at the Allgood Music Festival. Taken 2 weeks ago by Matt Ross.

July Recap

Today is the last of what ended up being a very unmemorable and "normal" July. Average temperatures will finish almost exactly at the 30 year norm, 79.2 degrees. Precipitation on the other hand will finish below normal at all 3 major airports, generally running 50-75% of monthly norms throughout the metro area. (Due to the somewhat random nature of thunderstorms, some areas fell well below or well above this range.)

We had a normal number of 90 degree days for July, 13 or 14 depending on today's outcome. Our lowest temperature was 62 on the 2nd, and our highest was 98 on the 9th and 10th. August looks to start out above normal for the 1st week to 10 days, but after that is up in the air. However, regardless of how we fare, it looks like the West will continue to see the hottest temperatures with respect to normal.

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