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Muggy Warmth & Increasing Clouds
But how much rain will clouds yield?

A. Camden Walker @ 1:40 PM

** Severe Thunderstorm Watch in Effect Until 8 PM **

Temperatures should not be any matter out of the ordinary this weekend; however, precipitation is worth keeping an eye on. Could we indeed have drought-reducing rains on the docket?


Partly sunny, humid, chance of storms. Starting today, we may finally begin to see some much-needed rain. Temperatures should climb to highs near 90. Expect some moderate discomfort, too. Yelckk. Dewpoints may become Floridian? And, similar to summertime in the Sunshine State, there's about a 50% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Any storms that do develop could be severe according to the Storm Prediction Center, with hail to 1 inch in diameter, wind gusts to 70 mph, and dangerous lightning.

Summer Morning in Dupont Circle...

Picture courtesy Project for Public Spaces within their write-up on "making places" in urban environments.


MUGGY, wet? Clouds move in overnight and aid already-mild low temperatures to stay above 70 in most spots. Overnight showers may linger--or even increase through the day along with the cloud cover--to produce a possible (30% chance) steady afternoon period of rain -- although chances are highest to the west. Temperatures will feel extra uncomfortable; hopefully maxing out around 85 with overcast skies; but, more sun may mean 88-90°F is possible -- especially in the Metro area and points east.


Cloudy, muggy, chance of afternoon rain. Mostly cloudy to overcast skies will be the name of the game. Rain too? Overnight lows in the lower 70s will slowly eek past the 80 degree mark. If we get more rain, they may be capped right around 80. It should be noted that even if we don't receive periods of rain, warmth and fairly oppressive humidity will be settling into our region. Drink plenty of water, even if Mother Nature decides to renege on her promise to give drink to your lawn on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more updates from to gauge your Sunday activities along with, well, planning your lawn & garden drought mitigation.

Programming note: Be sure to stop by Sunday to read a guest column on "Balance" in Journalism and Weather by Robert (Bob) Henson. Bob is filling in for Andrew Freedman.

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