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Extreme Heat Takes A Hike
Rain threat diminishing

A. Camden Walker @ 7:30 AM

Slowly but surely, we will experience a reprieve this weekend. It might be on a relative scale, to some degree, but I do believe you will prefer what is in store over triple-digit scorching heat!


Warm, Uncomfortable still. Morning low temperatures will not feel refreshing one bit. From the middle-70s we will likely surpass 90 degrees for the 11th straight day -- with highs of 90-95. It will not feel quite as oppressive as earlier in the week thanks to the passage of a cold front that will lower humidity, but still take care during the day--which will remain mostly sunny. There is not much chance of rain relief either --although a few isolated storms could pop (20% chance), especially to the southeast. will keep an eye to the sky to see if any showers or storms develop.

The DC Split Strikes Again

Twenty-four hour rain totals ending 7am this morning show the immediate metro area, once again, getting the shaft in the rainfall department. Reagan National received just over 0.1" of rain and Dulles got 0.16". BWI fared better, with 0.43". Up to 1-3" of rain fell north and south of the metro area (depicted by the greens and yellows), as close as 30 miles or so in either direction.


What is this Comfort, Suddenly?! Morning low temperatures may still hover around 70, but afternoon highs will only hit the mid-to-upper 80s. Quite a welcome site, I would say. Dewpoints will be lower and thus allow your skin to respirate more fully--comfort will be much higher outdoors. Clouds will be at a minimum, as well as rain chances. Enjoy.


A bit warmer. Humidity levels will still remain under control for August, despite the likely return of 90-degree warmth. Upper 60-degree temperatures in the morning will head into the lower 90s. The sun will certainly shine and rain chances remain very low. Be sure you are lathering on that sunscreen. Those with sensitive respiratory systems should also take caution late Sunday into Monday; air quality will be on the decline once again.

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