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Let My Cold Front Go (through the area today)!
Conditions improve after one last humid morning

A. Camden Walker @ 10:00 AM

Slowly. It. Improves: Behind a cold front which spawned our region's storms yesterday, the air will gradually clear and become much more comfortable. This weekend? Stunningly beautiful.


Initially uncomfortable. Shower? Morning commuters, especially south of town, could run into a stray shower. Dawn-time temperatures in the mid-70s will not feel so good; but, hang on for more refreshing air filtering in later in the day! Humidity levels will slowly fall during the afternoon and mitigate the 90 to 93 degree high temperature. Skies may start off mostly cloudy during the morning, while the cold front still hangs in our area, but should yield to far clearer conditions by sunset. Areas to the south and east will hold onto the humidity longer and could see an isolated thunderstorm in the late afternoon.


By A. Camden Walker earlier this week outside of the muggy Logan neighborhood Whole Foods. In the background, is that an FTC agent checking on-site marketing practices?


Pleasant Humidity. Morning low temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s, will head up to the low to mid 80s. Dewpoints will be lower and make it feel very (shockingly?) pleasant. Clouds will be at a minimum, as well as rain chances. Enjoy.


Mostly Spectacular. Clear skies allow morning low temperatures to dip down to 60 degrees. Perhaps upper-50s in outlying spots near the Blue Ridge?! We will have partly sunny skies, and wonderful below-average temperatures struggling to pierce the 80 degree mark. A warm front will approach from the south late though, possibly triggering some storms by dark. Josh's discussion below provides a sneak peak at next week's forecast.

A Tropical Colada

Dean appears to be in a favorable area for further development. Currently a Category 2 hurricane, it has the possibility of plowing westward (at quite a fast clip) toward Jamaica by midday Sunday... as a Category 4 hurricane. Currently the 5 main tropical cyclone models predict a track toward the southern Gulf of Mexico or Bay of Campeche early next week.

Meanwhile, remnants of Erin plague the Hill Country of Texas. San Antonio is receiving a deluge as Erin slowly tracks to the NW. Parts of the city have received over 10" of rain.

In the West Pacific, Taiwan is facing landfall this weekend from Super Typhoon Sepat. Its winds luckily have started decreasing slowly from Thursday's 160mph peak intensity.

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