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Warm, Dry and Tolerable Weather for Mid Week

Matt Ross @ 1:30 PM

Benign and somewhat pleasant weather is on tap for mid week. Enjoy dry conditions and seasonable temperatures as we wrap up August.

Today and Tonight

Forecast Confidence: HighPartly Sunny, A Bit More Humid. Today will be partly sunny and breezy with noticeable, but not oppressive, humidity levels. Afternoon highs will be in the mid 80s. Clear and pleasant conditions will prevail overnight with lows dipping down to the mid to upper 60s.

Image courtesy of Accuweather.


Forecast Confidence: HighA Repeat of Today. Wednesday will be another decent late summer day. It will be sunny and a bit sticky, but nothing to write home about. Afternoon highs will reach the mid to upper 80s. Refer to Jason's forecast for the rest of the week and weekend. Currently the holiday weekend looks mostly delightful.

Sea Surface Temperatures in the Nino Regions of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean are creeping very close to weak La Nina levels. La Nina's effects on the winter here are variable, with stronger ones tending to be warm without much snow and weaker ones tending colder and snowier. Right now ENSO models are generally pointing to borderline/weak La Nina conditions for this upcoming winter. Above satellite image courtesy of the National Weather Service.

August Recap

We have a couple days left, but we are close enough to the end of August to look back. August will finish as our warmest month of the summer, both in an absolute sense and with respect to normal. Even though we will finish over 2 degree above normal for the month, we have actually had our "coolest" August since 2004. We hit 90 degrees 15 times (still a slight chance for 16), bringing us to 37 90 degree days to date (April - October norm is 36-37). We are currently at around 3.5" of rain thanks to the storms of the last week and will finish with above average rain for the 1st time since April. Although we have now had our 3rd hot August in a row, we got off pretty easy. Many locations in the lower Ohio Valley are looking at their warmest August on record.

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