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Tropical Trouble Brewing Late this Weekend?
Most of weekend deemed salvageable

A. Camden Walker @ 9:00 AM

While we are indeed watching a menacing tropical trouble-maker off the Southeast coast, our weekend should not be viewed fatalistically. Some good time can easily be had - and even Sunday may turn out to be mostly sunny and dry.


Sunny & still summery. Not many clouds around to be had, accompanied by pleasant breezes. Under sunny skies the high temperatures will easily head toward 90 degrees. That's about ten degrees above-average; but, the calendar still says summer, right? Humidity will be moderate and also buoy temperatures overnight: 65-70 degrees is about the coolest we will get. Skies should remain mostly clear.

Labor Day on the Potomac

By A. Camden Walker on this past Monday morning, underneath the Key Bridge looking toward the Kennedy Center.


Partly sunny, very warm. Expect a summery day with warm temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s. Humidity will remain on the high side. Overnight on Saturday, low temperatures will remain mild with lows 65-70. Any cloudiness from the developing tropical system should remain well to the southeast.


Partly sunny, tropical system impacts late? Confidence is still a bit shaky for the Sunday forecast with our area being potentially impacted by the tropical system off of the coast of the Carolinas -- particularly late Sunday.

At best guess, conditions will be warm and humid with partly sunny skies with a possible increase in clouds during the afternoon hours should upper-level winds sheer off "cloud debris" from the tropical entity off of the coast, curving towards the Carolinas. Breezes out of the south associated with the flow ahead of an approaching cold front (from the west) and tropical system (to the southeast) will usher in serious mugginess. High temperatures will likely be in the mid 80s.

There's about a 1 in 3 chance of showers late (especially to our east and southeast) that could contain briefly heavy downpours, but this all depends on the track and timing of the possible tropical system. If it develops and moves inland (both big IFs), it could very well slide back off of the coast, south of the Chesapeake Bay, back out to sea--with only minimal impact on our area. Damaging winds are unlikely in the DC metro area.

Stay tuned to tonight & tomorrow, for updates!

What will the weather be like after our tropical system exits our area? See Josh's discussion below.

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