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Andrew Freedman @ 10:00 AM

Dear Mother Nature:

The incessantly nice weather in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast has been disappointing. I beg of your assistance in urging the atmosphere to grace this thirsty and bored landscape with some activity.

I'm not asking for a deadly event like a tornado or a hurricane necessarily (although...). Even a cold front that means business would suffice.

Jason Samenow's Forecast

Nice Day StampToday: Mostly sunny and less humid. Highs 83-86.
Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows 50-55 (suburbs-city)
Monday: Mostly sunny and warm. Highs 83-86.

I've met my weather needs for a while by electronically watching weather events unfold elsewhere. There were the hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast (nice work), and the strange tropical depression that flared up this week (what was that, anyway?). There have been many, many severe thunderstorms affecting the central portion of the country and occasionally elsewhere in the Northeast.

But the weather and Andrew Freedman haven't got our timing right. And by "weather", here I'm not referring to the traditional definition of weather. Please note that I mean "WEATHER", which is weather of consequence; weather that changes frequently, rapidly and sharply; weather that precipitates and boils and stings and excites; and weather that makes people notice it.

Basically weather that isn't such a wimp all the time.

Wherever I've been lately, that kind of weather has been elsewhere. I wish it would return.

In the nearly one month that I've been living in Boston (where I'm doing graduate work in climate change policy, sorry about all that CO2 btw), I've only experienced rain on three occasions, and drizzle once. Every other day has been either nearly cloudless or otherwise generally nice. How boring.

On the one rainy day we've had, I was happy.

It was delightful to hear the playful sounds the rain made when impacting on different surfaces. Invigorating to feel the rain on my face as I walked to class. And it was refreshing to see the radar loop come alive with greens and yellows and reds overhead.

I'm not a depressive who needs to have the sky gray to match his moods, but I think every person requires some variety in life. Day after day of sunny and dry weather feels stale, like a relationship that's lost its spark.

I'm moseying my way towards winter, when it's logical that the pattern will have to change in a major way. But I don't know if I can wait so long.

If the status quo lasts through the start of the winter, I may go from "meh" to "bleh", which is one step closer to clinically dead.

- Andrew

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