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A Wee Weekend Scuffle: Summer v. Autumn
Happy Autumnal Equinox!

A. Camden Walker @ 8:45 AM

Summer will make a quick and sticky cameo during the first half of the weekend, but Sunday will end splendidly & less humid! Personally, I am worried about clouds during our Friday; but, we shouldn't see any precip. Oh and on Sunday at 5:51 AM, the Equinox hits the East Coast and we usher in Astronomical (versus meteorological) Autumn.


Eventually sunny. A pleasant afternoon. There will be some morning clouds but more sunshine in the afternoon. High temperatures will try to hit 80. Mid-80s are possible in the sunnier spots, such as Piedmont areas of Virginia. Humidity may also remind you of higher levels we experienced in late August.

Overnight, skies will be partly cloudy and low temperatures will be pretty mild. Most spots will range in the mid to upper 60s. Again, the humidity will persist...

The District Awakens

Thursday morning's sunrise captured from Rosslyn. [by Kevin Ambrose]


Sunny & kinda muggy. We could experience a few periods of cloudiness through the day, but I'm not thinking the sun will be completely blocked by any means. Temperatures will be very warm temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. Overnight we will be relatively "balmy" downtown, at 70 degrees. The luckier outlying locations will slip down into the mid-60s--and may have a southerly breeze during the evening.


Mostly sunny, not as humid. Luckily it will be slightly cooler than Saturday (but not cool) thanks to the passage of a weak cold front. High temperatures should be in the lower-to-mid 80s. A refreshing breeze out of the north will give us a break from the humidity as well. Expect nighttime low temperatures to ratchet back down as well, into the lower 60s in most spots. Enjoy another rain-free weekend, eh? [[insert concern about increasing drought conditions here]]

A New Development?
Watch with me, to see if we have Jerry form today in the Gulf of Mexico?

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