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Delightfully Warm, Definitely Dry
Some rain possible by the middle of next week

Jason Samenow @ 7:45 AM

So far this month, it has already reached at least 80 degrees twelve times. Bear in mind, the average high to start October is just 74. Over the next several days, we should add at least two more 80 degree days to the tally with any rain holding off until at least Tuesday.


Nice Day StampBlissful. A summer-like area of high pressure off the Southeast coast will steer warm but light southerly winds into the area. Expect mostly sunny skies with high temperatures right around 80 degrees. Clear skies overnight, with lows from the low 50s in the suburbs to the mid to upper 50s downtown.

Pictured: The International Space Station (ISS) traveling through the Big Dipper last night. Skies were clear, promoting ideal star gazing. Photographed in Stafford, Va. by visitor David Abbou.


Forecast Confidence: HighPartly sunny and very warm. Warm southerly flow will persist, as will unseasonably warm conditions. High temperatures will be 15-20 degrees above average, with most areas between 80-85.

A Look Ahead

The timing of a cold front Tuesday will determine how warm it is and when it rains. It could come through as early as Tuesday morning bringing a shot of rain then cooler conditions later in the day. Or it may slow as it approaches the region and then stall as low pressure develops along it. This second scenario would allow the warmth to linger and extend the possible duration of rain.

Right now, I'll call for a 60% chance of rain Tuesday, with highs in the 70s, and 40% chance of rain Wednesday with highs in the 60s. Dan will post additional details in Monday's week ahead forecast.

Andrew Freedman's Undercast Column is off this week.

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